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Re: Trouble losing weight?!? have a 3 mos old- good lord woman, you had a baby practically 5 minutes ago! I find with both kiddos I only lose about 10-15lbs in the initial time after birth (and I gained 50 lbs with each baby!) and then drop some more around the 6-9 mos mark. With DS I went on a crazy elimination diet and dropped 20 lbs, but he's now 11 mos old so the weight would be coming off anyway. I find I generally hold onto 10lbs until they wean. Seriously, I feel like I look like a sack of potatoes until around the 9 mos mark but I just figure- 9 mos on the inside, 9 mos on the outside, lol.
I think you possibly need more calories as well- I think nursing moms, especially to new babies, need closer to 2000 cals./day, no?
Linnea, Canadian mama to DD (Oct. 08) and DS (Sept. 10)
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