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Re: Please help me figure this out!

Does he had an upper lip tie? Mine does and it took her about 3 months to get the hang of nursing. She had all of those issues. Though at 5 months its getting so much better. I think she also could have benefited from seeing a Chiro as she was malpositioned at birth.

We just keep at it all, nursing the way it worked for us, and lots of spit up messes. Then over the course of a few weeks it just seemed to get better. Her latch seems fine, but her upper lip curls under sometimes. I've linked to this post before- and I will do it again- The Funny Shaped Woman My sister's baby had the same issue and had trouble nursing.

But it could also be those other things, too. Dairy sensitivity (not really an allergy is it?) or OALD, or oversupply.
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