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Re: If I ever get pregnant...

Originally Posted by wordmama View Post
It's why many of us have trouble bonding with others in the DDCs. While they vent about the "wrong gender," gaining weight and being uncomfortable, mamas from S&S just stay thankful there's a baby alive in there and pray for another day!
This. Completely.

I won't say I've been graceful this entire pregnancy, but it's hard to identify with women complaining about stretch marks when I'm thankful I'm big enough to get them.

Now that I'm almost to the finish line, my parents - and complete strangers - keep trying to commiserate with me about how miserable I must be. They ask me how I am. I just say, "Grateful."

(But if, when you're pregnant - because you WILL get there! - you burst into tears at some point because you're so hungry but afraid of throwing up one more time, don't be too hard on yourself. We all pray for babies. Nobody prays to be miserable. It just happens to be a side effect.)

Grateful mama to earth-baby DD2 (9/2011)
missing spirit-baby DD1 (9/2009, 3rd trimester) and the little ones who only stayed a few weeks

*hoping she returns when we start TTC in late January of '15!*
"Death can't stop True Love - it can only delay it for a while." - The Princess Bride
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