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Re: oral thrush...HELP!!

We used GSE (grapefruit seed extract) after nystatin did nothing for us (well, it did keep the thrush controlled, but it didn't take it away... nystatin has sugar in it, and yeast thrives on sugar, so it's a little odd that doc's suggest it. Anyway, we used the GSE for around 6 weeks before it took it away completely. I put it in a bottle (the kind that you get at the hospital to squirt on your girl parts... I had taken an extra... but you can use any kind of closed container) and put 10 drops of GSE in about 2-3 T of diluted water. Then every time I fed her, I swabbed my nipples and her mouth with the mixture. You can just mix it together everytime, but that takes more time and wastes more GSE. I would just make a new mixture every 6 days.
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