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Re: Mother Goose, Imse Vimse, Motherease Reviews

I wish this forum was used more often! I just found this. I am also looking at Mother Goose. I will copy and paste some emails with the owner below:

My question:
I love your trainers. I need something for overnight for my son. He's daytime potty trained, but still pees in his overnight diaper. I got a pack of pull-ups to use until I find an overnight trainer. Yours look really good. Can you explain the difference in the two waistband options?
Her response:
FOE is polyester and elastic, its plush and doesnt wick moisture and i recommend it for overnight. the cotton is stretchy and soft like a tshirt but can wick moisture and is better for daytime.
My response:
Which do you think would be better for overnight: the boxer brief style (with pul panel, overnight absorbency) or the dribble drawers (with pul, overnight absorbency)? Is the panel in the boxer briefs just in the wet zone? Is the pul in the dribble drawers hidden, and is it through the entire brief? Sorry for so many questions but I want to get the right thing!
Her response:
the boxer briefs and dribble drawers can only have PUL in the center panel. the pull on briefs can have PUL throughout. all PUL is hidden my children cant use PUL and we've been fine with overnight absorbent non waterproof trainers.(little one gets fleece/wool shorts on top bc she sleeps through the night; older one does not bc she wakes whenever she wets and changes) we havent had wet sheets. i do know my 6 year old niece(doesnt wake up when wet) had the PUL wetzone one once by accident and the sides were damp by morning due to wicking, the sheets were dry but the outer was a little damp. i personally recommend the full hidden layer on the briefs for overnight unless your child is an occasional light wetter or wakes up immediately.
Hope that helps. I haven't bought any yet...still deciding. Make sure you take advantage of the free shipping on 1 trainer--it's on her HC site.
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