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Re: morning sickness?

Originally Posted by ReadingRenee View Post
I get morning sickness with every pregnancy so far it seems. I usually get it around 6 weeks but this time it started at 4.

I am sick in the morning, feel better around lunch, and then sick in the afternoon, early evening, little break in the evening and then sick at night. I have never thrown up though. (knock on wood) I just FEEL like I am going to almost all day except for breaks.

I did just discover an amazing thing though. I read about it on another DDC board here.

Lemonade really helps! It helps me anyway. I am not sure what the miracle properties are but Simply Lemonade enabled me to get off the couch where I was feeling super sick and actually make dinner. The effects seem to last about 10 minutes and then I need to drink more but 10 minutes is super helpful when it comes to m/s.

Hope that helps somebody!
* Hijack * You just made me think of when I was little and my grandma always said Lemonade and Oreos is the cure for everything. Haha I miss her terribly she would've been so happy to be a great grandma. * Now back to your regularly scheduled discussion.*
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