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I need help!!!

For starters my daughter is just about eight weeks old.

Okay in the last few days I have developed a really nasty crack on the bottom side of right nipple. It was starting to get better with just using lanolin but today it got really bad again. I was trying to pump, I start working very part time next week, I will be gone for 3.5 hrs a day, five days a week and she will need at least one bottle while I am gone. While pumping it started bleeding again, so badly there was a lot of blood in the bottle and it was running down my stomach, so I stopped pumping and slathered the lanolin on again.

She does not have thrush, latch is great and not tongue tied. I am at a loss. I need to get this healed so I can pump. The last thing I want is to use formula while I am at work. I also do not want this to turn into mastitis.
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