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Re: morning sickness?

Originally Posted by ChellySnow View Post
Lemonade helps because it is alkalizing and gently detoxifying If you just get lemons and squeeze some into your water, like what people do at restaurants, it will alkalize the water and your kiddos probably won't be hijacking all the lemons like the lemonade!

Reason for ms is that the placenta is sucking up a lot of mamas alkaline minerals, which makes us acidic because that buffer is going to baby. Also if we don't replenish those alkaline minerals, the body takes calcium from the body which is why bone and teeth problems are common during pregnancy.

I find that green drinks (grass powders) also help and I'll add some lemon to that. It's alkalizing and has alkalizing minerals that both mama and baby need.

Usually by now I have light nausea, like an unsettled stomach. Maybe that means it's a boy ?!
Wow, this is interesting. I didn't have morning sickness with my son, I do remember feeling sick if I didn't eat soon enough, but this is a different experience right now. Maybe you are having a boy!

I've read that drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea helps, I've been drinking a couple cups a day so far and it seems to help. I hear you can drink up to 4 cups. I will have to try lemonade or something like that. I was thinking of getting those sea sick bands if this gets worse.
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