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Re: morning sickness?

Originally Posted by ChellySnow View Post
Red Rasp Leaf is another great way to balance the alkaline/acidic, this can also help balance the alkaline/acidic in vagina and help with conception. HOWEVER...

My midwife has told me to stay away from Red Rasp Leaf until later in the pregnancy as if you are border line mc it can push it over as it tones the uterus (contractions) and not something you want during 1st tri. I was pretty shocked as I thought it's good all the time but thought I'd mention it as there are some mamas here that have had losses. It doesn't cause mc, like I said it can push it over. Personally, I'm holding off until 3rd tri since I mc'd last month and rather not take the risk.
Wow, thanks. I've heard the opposite, but I'll stop then. I'll be buying some ginger root here shortly to make a tea with. I'll most likely start drinking it again come second trimester!
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