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Guess this is what I get for nursing two kids with nearly no issues. This past month of nursing has been ridiculous. It started with ds biting me and leaving an open wound on my nipple that took 2 weeks to finally close. I tried various things to help it heal....the last of which was lanolin. I'd never used it before because, well, I was one of the super lucky ones that never needed it! Within a day of using lanolin, my areola was super dry and super itchy. I tried more lanolin, CJ's butter, and breast milk to try to get it to moisturize. I slept shirtless to air it out and made sure Sam nursed that side a lot, thinking his saliva might help. Well, it ended up peeling which, of course, left some of my areola bright red and raw. I thought I was in the clear, but nope, now it's super itchy and super dry AGAIN except this time its starting to make nursing painful. Sam doesn't have any white patches in his mouth, but could it still be thrush? I'm out of town for the rest of the month and would have to go to urgent care to get a prescription. I'm so incredibly frustrated with my boob right now!
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