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Originally Posted by lisha622
I don't THINK this is thrush, but there are sometimes odd cases of thrush like this, so it COULD be possible. In general, thrush for you should feel more like shooting pain or itching where you milk ducts, and not on the outside. And my DD have the white in her mouth before I felt any pain/itching. If you want to take precautions, you could always get GSE over-the-counter and put 10 drops of it in 2 T of diluted water and then apply it to your nipples and baby's mouth with a Q-Tip... this is what took away the thrush for us. But, like I said, I don't think this is thrush. Possibly you're allergic to lanolin?? I never liked lanolin much myself.
I thought about being allergic to lanolin, but I haven't put any on in over a week (but the second round of dry skin and itching started yesterday) and I can wash Sam's longies with no issues? At this point, I'm up for trying anything!
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