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oh, hon, im sorry you are having a hard time. just because reglan can have the side effect of depression, doesn't mean it will. i hope it agrees with you. have you thought of domperidone instead? it doesn't have the risk of depression. just something to think about. i took it for about 8 weeks. not sure if it actually made a difference, but i was able to cut out the bottles and bottles of formula i was using. for me though, and i'm sure you have done this, but for me what finally did the trick was nursing more frequently. i nursed (and still do, actually) before and after every nap, and several times during their awake time. that was the turning point for me. but that didn't happen until the boys were 6 months old! also, for a few days i pumped for 10 mins after every nursing. ok, not every one, but a lot.

i will say a prayer for you and i hope all goes well for you. good luck, and remember, even if your baby gets some formula, you are still doing a great thing for him, and for you. hugs.
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