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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

We're faced with the same issue twice over. My DS has a 9/11 b-day, and our second boy, due in just a few weeks will also be a September baby (as am I and my sister, and like half of my other relatives. Apparently my family has nothing else to do at Christmas time).

Anyway, in our district the cut-off is 5 before 8/30 for Kindergarten and 6 before 8/30 for 1st Grade. I'm not necessarily opposed to this, but I am opposed to the idea of my sons' education being based on their birthdays and not their developmental level. So, our solution, since we want out kids in preschool anyway is to send them to a private school in our area that goes up to 2nd grade and advances children based on their development, not their age.

They will attend there and progress per their development until they reach the age for admittance into Kindergarten at the Public School. If when they enter public school, they are obviously beyond the Kindergarten level then I will ask them to be tested for 1st grade. I have no idea if either of my sons will be ready for a Kindergarten level class upon their 5th birthday, but I do trust the school they are attending to make that judgement. If they aren't ready for Kindergarten, then they would attend the school's pre-Kindergarten class then go to public Kindergarten the following year as they turn 6.
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