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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

Originally Posted by Sweet_Fantasy_Fox View Post
I personally feel they shouldn't put kids in grades according to birthday's and cut off dates but more according to where they are in age and test them then place them. They would see a barely 4 year old would do better in preschool than in kindergarten kwim?
Sorry my post turned into a vent, I am still irritated by what they did, my ds1 is in 3rd grade now and he loves school.
I agree with this, and have thought about it too. The problem with testing for admittance to Kindergarten is the sheer numbers. It can't be managed within the public school system. Too many kids, too many circumstances. Also, you would have trouble with parents. For every one parent who would like them to do the testing, you would probably have three who would object. Especially if their kid is one of the older children who would make the cut-off yet is too developmentally immature to handle the atmosphere. So, ultimately I can't fault the Schools for using an arbitrary date by which to determine "readiness" but as a proactive parent I can work around it to see that my child's needs are met regardless.
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