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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

I agree with those who say to wait. My son was born around the cut-off as he was a late summer birthday and he had a really hard time in kindy (not academically) but socially. School is nothing like it was 10 years ago. Kindegarten really is more like 1st and each grade level is about 1 year more difficult. My second son misses the cut-off and I am so happy. I would absolutely wait until 6 with him if I had to do it over with, not to mention, it is very common here and he was with boys mostly 1 year older than him. I don't know if I would do it with a girl, but I absolutely would wait with a boy. It is tougher for boys generally to sit as long as they need them to. My son never liked school and I think it is because I started him too early. School was basically tears at our house for the last three years. He cried for the entire first month of kindergarten and I almost pulled him out but the teacher and my family begged me not too. He absolutely was not ready. I see this same issue time and time again and it doesn't hurt them to have more time to mature, especially considering how little physical activity they get in public schools now. We are homeschooling now, and he is so much happier as he can do a little bookwork and head outside to run around before doing more. When he rode the bus, he sat basically from 7:30-4 and I notice a huge difference in his happiness already. We can go outside and practice math verbally while playing soccer. We study spelling on a hike. The active lifestyle works for him. He was academically ready for school at 5. He is already reading/spelling at a 5th/6th grade level, but I don't think the academic is as big of a deal as socially ready and being able to sit still.
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