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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

Originally Posted by 3MonkeysMomma View Post
I think the reason it is "trendy" to wait a year is because K is a totally different experience now than when we attended school. I started at 4 in a half-day K that is VERY similar to what I do with my Pre-K students. If I chose to send my sons, they would be attending full day programs with much different expectations. If the expectations were the same as when I attended, I would not have any issue sending them as young 5s, but as it stands now I am not interested in setting them up to struggle.
This is a very good explanation. I wish a lot of first time moms knew how serious kindergarten is now. My son never once played with play-doh and that is all I remember about kindergarten, other than learning to tie my shoes (which they no longer teach).
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