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Wow! It really saves money!

Long ago I decided to buy some toddler prefolds to have on hand for Caroline as she grows. There is a co-op going on at the pin and they are $16.15 a dozen. At first I wanted 2 dozen but now I want 3 dozen so I can do 1 dozen into prefitteds, one dozen into embellished prefolds and one dozen plain in case I mess up the other LOL.
So I started thinking Wow! That's a lot of money and then you have to add the $1 co-op fee, the 7% shipping to host and also shipping to me. So I looked around a little bit thinking maybe I would order from a store instead with free shipping. Check out my findings!!

3 dozen toddler prefolds with shipping to me:
Co-op = $67.84
1 ebay seller = $105.95
granitesmith $84
green mountain diapers $90 (for musty smelling ones per the site that is all they have in stock now and I don't know if they do free shipping. I stopped adding when I discovered $30/dozen LOL)

Even if I went with granitesmith, it is $16 more than the co-op ... which would be another dozen prefolds to mutilate!!
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