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Re: When is/was your first appointment?

Originally Posted by blueone View Post
I'm only 4 weeks along. I called the doctor to confirm it and get a referral, but she hasn't gotten back. I was also thinking of looking into a couple midwife's in the area. I'm wanting a home birth and if I have to, I will switch to tricare standard to get it.
From my understanding you can still have a home birth covered through Tricare Prime if the you are seeing a CNM (certified nurse midwife) but it will not be covered if you see a CPM (certified professional midwife). I do know for sure that if you call and ask your tricare region if home birth is covered they will say yes, but they forget to give you these small details. I've also heard of a few gals that have argued with tricare prime in their region and got back about 40% of the midwives fees after the fact.

I should add that we too are planning a home birth and have Tricare Prime, (though DH is retired now). We are planning on paying out of pocket for our midwife and fighting Tricare after the fact.
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