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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
I would recommend having your child's preschool teacher or the kindergarten teachers do readiness testing for any child who might be borderline for kindergarten. I believe it is much better to start a little late than too early.
They did a Kindergarten "readiness" test for my son. The issue wasn't academics, it was being able to sit still (which they don't do in preschool much anyway) so I think their tests fall short. I think the mom would know more about if/when her child should start. I should have listened to my own instinct, but instead I listened to the test, which can't accurately measure. He know how to county to thirty, knew his abc's, all of his colors, could write his full name, etc but he wasn't ready in his maturity level. This started to show more in 1st and the end of 2nd. Even my son's teacher, who he had for 1st and 2nd said that if B were her son, she would have started him late.
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