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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

The state that dd3 was born in had a cut off of Sept. 1st. She was born Sept 17th and I had in my head she would have been one of the oldest. Then last year we moved to a different state where the cut off is Sept. 30th. She was turning 3 last Sept. and I asked the preschool director if she should do the 2's or 3's. She talked to her for a little bit and said she would be really bored if she was in the 2's. So, she went into the 3's. She is going to be in the 4's this year and then the following year she will do PreK. Then when she is 5 going on 6 will be going to K. So, we are going to wait. I would much rather have her the oldest and if we had to, move her up rather than hold her back.

Ds was born in July and I'm thinking of doing the same with him as well. We have friends whose son turned 8 last week and is going into 3rd grade. His best friend turned 9 in July and is also going into 3rd grade.
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