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Re: "Mommy, your tummy is really getting bigger!"

I had midwives, too. They were totally low key and my insurance was only going to pay for the "big" ultrasound. About a week before it, I was at the midwife's and I expressed concerns about weight gain. I had gained 8 lbs. in weeks 14-18! She did ask if twins ran in the family but didn't say anything else. Maybe next time you can convince the midwife to try for a second heartbeat. It's something that can usually be found if they're looking for it, but not usually on accident, KWIM? I have to say the 140's and then 160's thing is a bit suspicious. It *probably* isn't twins, just based on the odds, but if you have a family history but other signs it is more likely. Either way it will be fine. The newborn period is harder with twins but other than that it is great!
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