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Re: What my SIL said to me...

Originally Posted by mmmarmalade View Post
Um... I don't want to get slammed here, but as babies get older, they start to hold their urine for longer periods of time. Maybe not at 11 months, but certainly by 18-20 months you DON'T have to change them as often. Maybe her boy is early at learning to hold it? i know with my youngest, for the last year he was in diapers, I'd only change him 3-4 times a day because that's all he NEEDED. Of course, he was soaked through in the morning, but during the day he seemed to hold it a lot. Just a different POV. I absolutely do NOT advocate leaving a baby in any type of diaper for very long after they've wet, but every baby's different, and some really don't need that many changes. Just sayin'
I don't think anyone is slamming a parent who only changes when needed, even if its many hours. What we're against is the parents who know the child is wet/soiled and still don't change the diaper because it can hold more.

My ex-SIL used to do this with my twin nieces, but not for very long. I lived upstairs from my brother and his then wife, and was over constantly to help with the girls. The worst fight I ever had with her was over changing the girls. She blew up at my brother for changing them after only one pee and they where super tight on money. I blew up right back at her. We didn't talk for a while, but when we did, the girls where getting changed more often. There where even times when we used old t-shirts and grocery bags as covers while we scrounged change to buy the cheapest sposies possible We where all young and none of us knew CD was an option, heck you couldn't even get Gerbers locally 11 years ago.
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