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Re: I want to hear your experience with castor oil

I've done it twice.
First time My water broke but labor was not being constant and no where to being so. after 6 hours of waiting for labor to progress we decided it was time to help things along. Tried a bottle with water. *puke* then a bottle with orange juice. Got labor progressing right along and baby girl was born not long after. (Home birth)

I SWORE I would NEVER do it again! EVER!! Then.. Yep.. you guessed it. #5 water broke and yet again. Labor no where in sight. Only had 3 "Bathroom" brakes before Labor really kicked in. (Home birth)

I would suggest, if you do take it (When your body is ready that is) Have some french bread on hand to swab the excess out of your mouth. Did that with our second. Much better then having that film in your mouth for hours.
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