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can I join you?

Hi ladies!
I'm Amanda, due with #4 mid april. I got my bfp the 8th of this month. However my lmp was June 28th so I know I must have ovulated late like my last pregnancy. So whereas due date calendars say due date of April 3 it is more likely to be right in the middle of the month somewhere. When I put my cycle as 41 days (which it normally isn't, just was this time I got April 16th. I know there were a few days between my last neg test and the first postitive one- I ran out of tests. lol. So I think it could easily go as early as the 12th or 13th. I'm nursing right now and my periods have been all over. got one right away at one month postpartum then lighter bleeding like 22 days later then nothing till the June 28 lmp that was a normal period. this is basically exactly how it happened with my last period and they wouldn't do any dating ultrasound then so doubt they will this time. So it'll be another 12 weeks or so before they get the bright idea to change my due date lol. oh forgot to mention i was doing opks till about cycle day 20 and didn't get a pos then quit doing them so I know i probably ovulated after cd 20. ANYWAY.. sorry for the book lol... only reason it bugs me is because I've been 7, 3, and 5 days overdue in my pregnancies so to me it is a big deal for them to be thinking i'm due a week or so before I am. they did get it figured out eventually last time so i'm not too worried. I have 3 lo's- the boys just turned 2 and 4 and the baby girl is going to be 10 months on the 29th. Luckily the oldest FINALLY potty trained!!! yay!!!! so it won't be more than 3 in cloth at a time *(unless it's twins which runs in my mom's side of the family) lol. Congrats to all of you on your bfp's and hope you all have a happy and healthy 9 months!
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