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Re: Do I need to give him cereal?

You don't need to give either cereal or purees if your kiddo is six months! There's a lot of info on baby-led solids in this forum, which might be something to look into.

As far as the iron, I believe that research indicates that in BF'd babies, if mom has sufficient iron, baby will as well. For FF'd babies, formula has all the iron they need.

The history behind the rice cereal thing:
Back in the early 1900s, there was a scientific revolution with all sorts of new discoveries. The motto for anyone "educated" was pretty much "better living through science." Formula became the "scientific" way to feed babies. Unfortunately formula (and think of the name--refers to the fact that every lab/ped/etc. had a different formula of things that needed to go into it) didn't actually contain everything a baby needed to grow at that point and additional food supplementation became necessary for babies to be healthy, hence the introduction of complementary foods at very young ages. Cereals and then purees were the only way to do that because if you're trying to get "solids" into a baby that's only six weeks old, they haven't developed any of the muscles necessary to manipulate food/chew/swallow/etc. (Their guts also haven't developed the ability to process it, but that wasn't even thought of.) Fast forward to a "more enlightened" LOL time, and we know it's better for baby's digestive system to wait to intro solids... but we're still feeding them like they're two months old.

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