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Re: August 2009 Two Year Olds!


6lbs 8oz
20" long
(my tiniest baby)

24 lbs
About 34" tall

My sweet girl loves giving kisses to momma. But on the other hand- Barry often teases that he's worried about that girl being a doormat, "I sure wish she would let us know what she's thinking", as she's got a fierce look telling her brother off She is no door mat let me tell you. She seems to think that anything that can be used as a stool is a personal stool for getting drinks of water, boy is she mad if you put it away. She does not have clear speech yet but we are sure we are getting cussed out (tone and facial expression). Speaking or not she has no trouble expressing herself.

She goes in for surgery in a week But I'm glad we are almost there, we just have to make it another week without breaking any teeth off or getting an abcess.
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