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I have to vent!!!

I am going crazy!! DD has been screaming all.the.time lately, I am all done with the screaming. It is seriously the one thing that kids do that pushes me over the edge. Not baby crying but screaming!!!!!

Add to that, my car battery is d.e.a.d! I had to have it jumped yesterady and today to take DS #1 to school. Just found out the auto parts store will help me replace it, awesome!!! Except no one is around to give me a jump, WTH????

DS#2 started kindy today. I didn't think I'd be emotional except I was! He was supposed to go to the same little church school we have been sending the boys to for 4 years except we can't affod it this year. So, he will go to half day kindy at our neighborhood school this year and all day kindy at the language immersion school DS#1 goes to next year. I thought I'd be okay with all this but it's making me sad.

Today was the first day I had to get both boys to school and I will walk to get DS#2 in an hour. The poor baby is only goinng to get an hour long nap because I was trying to keep her up so we could go get the battery changed!!

Today is not turning out to be such a good day I just want to crawl back into bed but alas there is so much other stuff that needs to get done!!!!
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