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Not so much pregnancy related but it would include a pregnant me in a car for 9-10 hrs so I am counting it.

Oh how I hate interviews. Dp had a phone interview today, it went well and the company wants him to go up for an interview. They gave him a couple of options and we have to come up with a plan in the next couple of days. Option one - force someone else to drive up with dp and carry on as usual, he would go up Monday, spend the night - have an interview Tuesday morning and drive home. Option two - same as option one but with me in the car with him and have our siblings watch dd for the night. Option 3 - go up on Sunday with dd, spend Sunday and Monday nights in hotels and come home Tuesday (or Monday/Tuesday in a hotel, depending on how the drive is going). The company would be paying for all expenses and suggested us all go to see where we could potentially be living.

It would be a BIG change. Closest relatives would be 2.5-3 hrs away and it is a town of 1000. They were apparently really interested in dp's musical background as well - apparently the town is really close, was settled by Scottish musicians/scientists about 50 years ago so there is ALWAYS something going on. There are also apparently a lot of young children there.

He has a different interview only 5 hrs away tomorrow - much bigger city (near Peterborough, so not too far from Toronto and other things).

I just hate not knowing what is going on. Ah well, this is more of a vent than anything, sorry guys.
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