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Feeling a need for a 4th

We are blessed 3 awesome and healthy children (3, 4, and 7). With each pregnancy my body had a harder and harder time dealing with the extra stresses. So, I had my tubes tied with my last c-section. Right after she was born I felt I had done the right thing. And I still feel I probably did, bc I don't really know if I would have made it through a 4th pregnancy.

When dd2 was a couple months I started feeling like I really wanted a 4th child. And the feeling never went away. When she was about 2 it did subside, but here recently I am really wishing I could conceive. It makes me feel sad and that what if our family isn't complete. (that makes me feel guilty-like I am not super happy with the children I have--and that is not the case i love my children more than anything-and more than I ever thought i could)

I am still in school, so it's not like I could really have another child right now, but i could in a year or two. But I can't. And i am sure that this feeling will eventually completely go away. But right now it is very strong.
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