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Re: Feeling a need for a 4th

I am sorry to hear this, I went through a similar situation with my 3rd pregnancy and ended up having a hysterectomy right after my c-section.
DS3 was about 4mo old when I started wanting another. It is so hard when you no longer have the option, nobody really understands unless they have been there and it makes you feel so bad when people say "you have 3 beautiful children, you should be happy". I know this first hand, I love my 3 boys but felt something was missing. We ended up adopting a baby girl last year when DS3 was 4.
Just wanted to give you some because I know what you are feeling!
Tara~Mama to 3 boys 16, 12, 6 a 2 year old baby girl and foster mommy to baby boy 5mo
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