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Re: How are you avoiding?

We had decided when I was pregnant with dd that we were going to ntnp after she was born. Then I ended up with an emergency c-section (dd's eye socket was caught on my pelvic bone), and so we *can't* get pregnant for a year. I'm BFing, and although dd has started solids, she doesn't get them regularly or even every day, so I haven't had a ppaf yet. However, we do use the withdrawl method for now. We were using condoms, but they irritate me and make things very uncomfortable. We've talked about ttc when LO is a year old, but I'm just not sure...I'm content just enjoying her at the moment, and I still remember how miserable I was during pregnancy (it wasn't an easy pregnancy). I do think we'll just ntnp though once she turns a year old, because we are open to another baby if that's what God wants. I'll probably use NFP and FAM when I get my af back since we used it to TTC anyway, and I like being aware of when I'll start each cycle. I'm not sure if we'd actually get pregnant with ntnp anyway because it took 8 months of obsessive ttc before we got pregnant each time (first ended in M/C). My luteal phase was only 10 days long, which I know is borderline too short, but the cycle I conceived dd I had started taking vit. B supplements, so I've no idea if it lengthened it or not.

Eta: I think the fact we only dtd about once a month also helps tta...
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