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Re: Exercise

I was running a mile inthe mornings, but the morning sickness took over and I couldn't motivate myself to even try for fear of leaving piles of vomit along my jogging path. LOL

I'm starting to feel better. I am thinking about getting a pregnancy workout DVD. This week I really hope I can force myself to get back on the wagon and do some P90X while I'm small enough I still can, mostly legs or arms. I don't do the extreme cardio things and I'lll have to see if I can still do anything from AbRipper? I'm just so tired and fatigued still.

Last pregnancy I gained 80 lbs. I'm hoping not to gain more than 40 this time. So far, I haven't gained anything, and am 9 weeks pregnant. (I still had 10-15 lbs to lose when I got pregnant.) I hope to keep unnecessary weight gain at bay for now until babe actually starts really growing and putting on weight him/herself.

I wanted to do water aerobics this pregnancy during hte witner to keep me accountable, but I'd be the only young person .... still trying to convince a friend to do it with me.
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