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ahhh where is af!?

I've never posted in here before but figured this was best place.

Ok ds is 71/2 months I ebf. I had my first ppaf in I believe march. I was on nuva ring. Didn't use one july or aug. My last cycle was in july. Id tell you the date but I kept it in my phone which bit the dust friday night. Here it is end of august and no af.

Dh and I only dtd about3 times with a condom start to finnish. I was cramping last sunday bad like I was gonna start but never on levothyroxine (thyroid med) and pprozac which they say can mess with cycles. I feel normal, but I've always been a never late person. I tried yesterday to buy dollar tree tests and they didn't have any...and I can't talk myself into going to walmart an spending $$ on tests there.

Any thoughts
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