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Re: single parents/non-traditional families forum

Originally Posted by amandajiggles View Post
HMMM... why is sex so offensive... clearly the Mama's here have all done it AT LEAST once.. TTC... TTA... ALL ABOUT SEX! I guess it's only a certain kind of sex that is okay to discuss? Like one with a purpose?

It's not that sex is offensive. I'd say it's a given that it is well liked by those who run the site as could pretty quickly be determined by checking past posting history of team members.

Certain topics are moved to a private forum to make it a bit more difficult for pervs using google to find this site. And yes, some types of sexual discussion are off limits. Once again, you all need to realize this may or may not be the teams choice on this. We are simply going to uphold the rules we agreed to when we joined/started working.

There are times that the team questions things and it does end up being discussed. However, it is far more likely that we are more concerned with sorting out FSOT issues and trying to keep things as drama free as possible than we are about rather or not someone feels a thread on a sexual topic should be available for public viewing.

And just ftr, at this point ANY explicit thread,even in SS, will be removed.
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