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Re: What do I feed my baby?

Originally Posted by ArronDalesMama View Post
Finger foods that smoosh easily? Like ripe bananas, avocados, cooked carrots. Watermelon isn't really mushy but it is easy to mash with your mouth and seems smoothy. My LO loved peeled grapes. And if much isn't eaten don't worry. Remember bm or formula is all they need for the first year.
Agreed. Also, DD chowed down on sweet potatoes like they were going out of style (cubed & cooked so she could feed herself). It sounds icky, but she liked veggie puree (sweet potatoes, parsnips, etc.) & pasta mixed together. We didn't do most sauces on pasta, but she liked Beefaroni when we were tight on prep time ...mac & cheese might be good to try.
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