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Re: What do I feed my baby?

oooh, we made her sweet potato & apple bisque; it was her favorite. We saw one of the gourmet pouches of baby food that was this blend, so DP made some up & DD loved it; it became the only thing she would eat when teething. And we put some cabbage in there; DD didn't even know she was eating it . Remember, a little goes a long way. Even a small batch of whatever was too much for DD to eat before it would go bad, so we froze it in ice cube trays, then dumped the cubes into freezer could heat a couple of cubes in no time & still feel good about what you were feeding her. We had cubes of turnips & parsnips, pasta & veggie sauce, bisque, whatever. Also, b/c DD had some food sensitivities, we had to prep her food separate from ours, so pre-cooking & freezing some small pieces of chicken or turkey worked out well. It made it much easier to make sure I was giving her plenty of veggies, some protein, & some healthy starches.
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