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Re: NFP while EBF??

I'm where you are! Except my DD is in my arms She's 4 months now and I'm SHOCKED AF hasn't come back.

I've learned that my CM lies to me. I've thought at least 4 times that I was going to O and then it didn't happen. So I'm using my cervix as a guide. It's been low, firm and closed since I started checking, a few weeks after she was born.

I'll likely start temping this fall. I haven't bothered so far, not just because of the inconsistent nights but also because it's summer and with no AC half of the time I'm soaked with sweat by the time morning comes, but if we've had a day or so of rain and a break from the heat, I may actually need a comforter!!

However, I'm not trusting FAM until I have a few AFs. DD was conceived with the first egg after DS and I really had no idea I was Oing (but I wasn't checking my cervix then).

Good luck!!
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