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Re: single parents/non-traditional families forum

Thank you Sage. I was angry at the blatant disregard for my request for the last year and sent a link with our request thread in it by pm to all 10 mods listed in the "ask the pros" section and Lee and Juan(as was requested by a few of the mods who responded to me nearly immediately. THANKS MODS!). I recieved a pm from Lee almost immediately saying that it would most likely be up by the end of the day. No apologies for ignoring me for a year but I was pleased in my assumption that my request had been read and was being honored..........until I saw that it was entitled "Single Parents." Yeah, not really what I had asked for and what all of us had asked for actually. It's obviously not an oversight given Juan's response above. It's a blatant snub.

copied and pasted from "Left Out" thread in single parents
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