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Re: single parents/non-traditional families forum

Originally Posted by ~happy2Bamommy~ View Post
See how easy that was ladies?

It took someone taking 20 seconds to pm someone to alert them to this thread and for Juan to see several desire this.

Thanks Juan
Originally Posted by ~happy2Bamommy~ View Post
Did you report the thread so the team was aware this request was out there?

Not to be rude but you ladies need to realize members are over 100k and workers are about 12 (and that isn't 12 on all at once.)

Despite popular belief, we are not all seeing and all knowing.

Actually, as you'll see in the next quoted bit, YOU yourself reported it a WHILE back.

Originally Posted by ~happy2Bamommy~ View Post
Sorry ladies! I missed this until now

I'm reporting the thread so that the higher ups can consider it (the higher than admin higher ups lol)

And actually I pm'ed a certain mod the day or two before I posted the original request and she told me that this is where I would formally request a thread. Nothing was said about reporting it as well. And if you hit the report button it specifically says it's only for spam or harrassment or whatever. Does not fit this thread correct? So why would I have reported it? And when you posted in the thread later on saying you reported it to admin, I assumed everything was good. I'm assuming you did as you said you did and therefore we were being ignored. Am I incorrect in assuming the request was ignored? Or did you lie when you told me you reported it? I'm failing to see how I'm flying off the handle and the mods handled this in a timely fashion and therefore are blameless. Our original request wasn't even honored as the forum is a SINGLE parents forum and not a NON-TRADITIONAL parents forum.
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