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Wink $9 pockets! 2 BG's and 2 Smartipants! Take the rest for 30ppd

Destashing! All diapers have no stains, no PUL or elastic issues at all.
MMAO if you dont like my prices!

2 BG 3.0's $13ppd $9ppd each (pro snap converted, have colorful snaps)

Smartipants - EUC - (no insert) $13ppd $12ppd
Take both for $16ppd

2 Grape-apple (ebay) diapers and Alva baby NIP $5ppd each

Or take everything for $30ppd

-----------------SOLD BELOW--------------------------------
BG 4.0's $14ppd $13ppd each SOLD

Blueberry Deluxe - White and Yellow w/ green snaps $13ppd

12 Sunbabies - $5 each or MMAO on the lot

2 LEFT! Take the lot for $18 ppd!

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