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I'm so confused about starting solids. Need guidance.

My daughter will be 7 months soon, and I've experimented with solids a bit since she turned 6 months. I mash up about an inch of fresh banana for her once daily, and she's also tried sweet potatoes and peaches, both also fresh. She's receptive. I just feel confused about how to proceed. At her 4 month appointment, the NP told me it was fine to start giving her rice cereal. But then I am told that the AAP recommends no solids til 6 months? Why is my pediatrician going against this recommendation? I don't want to ask them any more questions about nutrition/starting solids because of this incongruency.

I've also always been grossed out by jarred baby food and I'd rather just mash up something we're having for dinner and give her that, or make my own or whatever.

I'm also confused about how eating solid foods and breastfeeding (or drinking bottles of BM as I work FT) go together...when do I start nursing less and giving solids more, how do I know that's what I should do, etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should proceed? Any books or other reading material that you would recommend? Thanks.
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