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Breastfeeding while in NICU...Did it work for you?

My last 2 babies were both preemies, one born at 33 weeks due to IUGR/low fluid (induction) and my 1 year old born at 29 weeks due to 2 subchorionic hemorrages/water breaking. With my 3 year old, I pumped like a crazy woman while he was in the NICU, but unfortunately after coming home he developed horrible reflux and a lactose allergy and couldn't tolerate my milk With my 29 weeker, my milk never came in, not even colostrum so I didn't even have a chance with him at all.
I am now 32 weeks pregnant with another IUGR baby and due to be induced in the next 2 weeks (I also have a placenta band that is affecting circulation to her and that is the reason for the early induction)...she is also breech so I have to have a c-section. I'm wondering with another long NICU stay out of town, and 5 other children under the age of 12 whether its really worth it to try and pump for her or let the formula chunk her up...I just don't know how busy I am going to be between traveling daily to the hospital (almost 1.5 hours one way, no Ronald McDonald house to stay at), 3 kids starting school next week and me recovering from surgery (my 1st section)...I am also a very small breasted person, still in an A cup now, so not much to offer, lol
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