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Re: I'm so confused about starting solids. Need guidance.

Originally Posted by lilylouwho View Post
All of the doctors we have been to do not refer to rice cereal as "solids" so maybe that's the problem? At my son's last appointment (2 months) the doctor said to wait until after the next appointment (4 mo) to start cereal and the 6 month appointment to start solids. That's what they have all said when all my kids were babies. I'm not sure what the official recommendations are but I have always thought that it was weird that they talked about solids and cereal as two different things.

You might think about introducing some vegetables soon. Many babies will resist vegetables once they have fruit because fruit is all sweet and yummy.
Yeah, that would be confusing to me, too! Solids are solids, whether it is ground up grains or pureed fruit. What really upsets me is when peds tell people to put cereal in baby's bottle! Totally oldschool and against all of the contemporary data, including the AAP.
Start slow - with small amounts of food (a couple of tablespoons at a time), and don't expect them to eat a lot at first. They need to explore taste and texture. Give your DD her regular breastmilk/formula before sitting down to do solids. Otherwise, they may get frustrated and cranky from not being able to eat as fast as usual. Once our babies got the hang of eating solids, we would space it about an hour after their bottle.
Good first foods are things like soft fruits and veggies. Acorn squash, green beans, peas, bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados, apples, and pears. We're getting closer to pumpkin season, and pumpkins are a great first food. For most foods, you need to steam and puree, but if your little one is good at mashing with her tongue, or has a few little teeth, it might be ok to mash rather than puree. Bananas & avocados can be served mashed right out of the skin.
I do usually start with a few veggies, and then a couple of mild fruits, and then a meat. A agree with the PP - humans are born with a tendency toward sweet stuff, so I like for my babies to get a taste for savory before adding sweet foods.
Again, I would check out - very informative, and their info is generally very current. They also have good advice for making your own babyfood. For books, I also like Mommy Made...and Daddy Too, and also Baby Bites.
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