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Re: I tested...

See..... with my 1st 3 kids I waited till I was close to a week late before testing.... then with my last 2 I tested early, before AF was due, and got positives...

So I automatically expect to get a positive result BEFORE af is due lol and if not then I must not be PG...

I was not charting, I just went by symptoms to get my O date... ewcm, crampiness, headache..... that was on the 17th..

I just dont understand why all the crampiness for the last 3 days? And I have been very sensitive... on the verge of tears today but no reason to be... well expect I am missing a kid and a dh who left early this morning and wont be back till tomorrow LOL if AF is coming I wish she would just get here already! I really am OK if it is neg, but lets get all the wondering about it GONE
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