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Originally Posted by Mpierce
Krisha - I've been craving cold cuts this whole pregnancy. I won't give in but man do I want them so so bad.

Just a little update over here. Went to the Midwife today. I'm totally in love with having her! DH is even in love with it. We are super excited to be having this home birth. She checked me (because it was our first appt together) and she wanted to see everything going on up there. She said cervix feels long and is definitely closed which is wonderful, I have some Calcium in my urine, which isn't wonderful (no more tums she said) we are going tonight to pick up Papaya Enzyme. She doesn't want me in the hospital with Kidney stones & neither do I, especially since I only have 1 Kidney. So she said lots, lots, lots of water so that it doesn't happen.
My friend had kidney stones her last pregnancy and they were worried shed get them again (she's due with #2 next month). They told her not to eat things with high calcium they gave her this big long list of things things that I would never have though would be an issue. And she was supposed to drink as much lemonade as she could. So far she's stone free even though shed cheated quite a bit as chocolate is one of the things she was not supposed to eat.

Originally Posted by meeshkasheeba
Todd is being fine but he is not home so who knows what it will be like tonight. The new job isnot going to reoffer at a lower price and at this point if they change that he will not take it anyway. His direct boss is trying to talk to the owner and get them to let him keep his job there but they don't generally let people do that. We shall see. So i guess basically I still don't know anything and I am still stressed about it. I guess things have a way of working out no matter what but this is frustrating.

I have money in savings but it is supposed to be used to pay my taxes at the end of the year so I would hate to have to live off of that. Ugh!!!

Sorry all the DH's are being butts, I sure hope it gets better.
I'm frustrated for you. That would be very stressful.

Afm my hubby is thinking about leaving his job because he's been there a month now and made $0. No lie. He told him Friday if he didn't get some money by the end of the day monday he wasn't coming back so the guy gave him $100 monday (and the guy fought him about giving him that much). But that's not nearly enough to keep us afloat. So he said he would finish the week but needed to see at least $500 by Friday or he was done.
It's an all commission job but he's never sold this kind of thing before and the owner keeps promising to stay there and help him but never comes in to help. Even the manager there is new and never sold this stuff before. it's very irritating and I'm so tire of being broke.
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