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Re: August 2009 Two Year Olds!

Originally Posted by susie190 View Post
Yeah hubby calls me mommy. So that's not helping. It just bothers me sometimes to have my toddler say "Krisha need get up!" or the like to me.
Well in that case I just ignore them and make sure to respond immediately if they say mom.

Originally Posted by VWgurl619 View Post
AFM - Bryan all of the sudden decided he wanted to just up and move within the next few months out to OR... He finally decided he is sick of SO. IL... GOOD! But who knows what we'll actually do..I would like to personally wait until he gets a job...I mean, we do have the money to support ourselves until a job is offered, but i hate just going out there without knowing..ya know?? Its such a CRAZY idea...
Crazy may be scary but it is exciting and can turn out great. Take the money from your mom to do it, after all what would a mom want more than to see you where you are happy. That's all I want for my kiddos.

I am so thrilled we are on this side of surgery! My sweet little girl has 6 of her top 8 teeth capped but none of the bottom ones but she did have a couple of fillings on the bottom. 4 of the 6 have baby root canals and one of them had a huge abcess but now all her permanent teeth should be good to go and not be damaged before they even come in. It went a little longer than planned but went well.
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