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Can I be the second...

to whine....

boo isnt going to his dads this weekend because he has lice

One I have no clue what to do about lice so I did what the pharmacy said (and umm went more broke in the process than I already am - that shampoo is EXPENSIVE)

I shampood his hair, picked it with a combing thing and called his dad who opted out of taking him for his long weekend (but offered to drive and see him saturday)

so now Im trying to figure out how in the hell Im going to work friday, saturday, sunday. because I have no sitter lined up.

And to add to my GREAT day I went to pay daycare for next week and they are closed on monday

and im freaking out that Im minght get it and MIGHT carry it to work which would be absolutly awful I work in a nursing home and lice in a nursing home SUCKS
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