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Re: Prefold a newbie

My fold is really simple and fast and easy. I'm sure it has a name, I just don't know it.

I didn't want to try to hide little boy bits so I used a stuffed bunny.

First I lay out the pf and fold down the top to shorten. You can fold down the front too, but I've found it to be too bulky on such a little guy.

Lay baby on the diaper and fold the sides into the center.

Pull up between legs and bring wings around to the front.

This is where coordination and practice comes in. Don't get frustrated, just keep trying if you have trouble at first coordinating it all on a wiggly baby.

Hook one end of the Snappi on while still holding the other wing snuggly in place.

Then hook the other side. Adjust tightness if necessary. Then pull the bottom hook down and attach (it's not hooked in the photo). Voila!

Then add a cover. This is my favorite, the Stacinator So Simple.

Hope that helps. There are many options. This is merely the one that works best and fast for us.
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