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Re: HELP! Desperate need of RECIPE help for children with allergies

Wow! I'm so jealous... they can eat more foods than I can!
I'm allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, potatoes, chicken, bananas, chocolate, strawberries, pineapple, tomatoes....... among others.
I miss wheat the most bc I LOVE pasta! But the hardest to avoid is soy bc it's in EVERYTHING!
I've learned to stick to whole foods so I can control the ingredients and I always keep allergy-friendly snacks in the diaper bag just in case we're somewhere that can't accomodate my diet. I like to make large enough meals at least once a week to have leftovers that I freeze in meal-size portions.... this way, I've got something quick on hand for myself when I don't have time to cook from scratch. Otherwise, if I'm hungry and short on time, I'll cheat and REALLY suffer for it later. Good Luck!

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