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Re: I'm so confused about starting solids. Need guidance.

I would also recommend They are a great resource!

There is a lot of conflicting info out there. And it changes so quickly! My DS is 3, and back when I was weaning him the rules were. Rice cereal at 4 mo, fruits/veggies at 6mo, and delay all allergenic foods until 1 year. Now I am weaning my second and I am reading new info about skipping the rice cereal stage and go right to fruits, veggies, and even meat! And, the AAP has switched sides and now recommends not delaying allergenic foods. It can be so confusing.

The good news is that your LO is only being supplemented with small amount of solids at this point, and BM is still their primary nutrition. So follow your baby's lead and your own intuition. And I wouldn't be afraid to ask your ped about the conflicting information, your being pro-active about keeping up to date about the latest research...and so should they

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